Marchant Schmidt Inc (MSI)

Marchant Schmidt Inc (MSI)

Leaders in Cheese Converting Equipment for over 50 years with focus on…

Most Hygienic

Maximum Production

Best Cut Quality

Minimal Floor Loss

Shredding & Grating Systems:

A unique cubing & shredding approach that produces the best looking shred and continuous flow of cheese to maximize production. Capacities 500kg to 10,000 kg/hr.

EC Cutting Machines:

Smaller range of portion cutting machines that reduce blocks or wheels into portions.

Focus on Hygiene:

All MSI equipment is designed with sanitation and safety in mind, by exceeding USDA requirements, their systems reduce the risk and can be fully dis-assembled and thoroughly cleaned.

Vison Portion Cutting:

A fully automatic cheese portion cutting system designed to optimize block yield and reduce give away. 3-D vision scanning measures the stick and automatically determines the best cut solution.

Snack Cutting:

Cheese cutting equipment to meet the growing demands for ready to eat products such as bite size cubes, sticks and individual serving snack sticks.

Retail Shred Line

VCS One Portion Cutter

Economy Shred Line

EC12 Portion / Wheel Cutter