About Us

About Us

PT Associates

Was established in 2005 after its founder Paul Turnbull spent some 35 years supplying industrial food processing equipment to the Australian, New Zealand and Asian regional food industries. We provide stand-alone to fully integrated turnkey solutions within a variety of food segments including bakery, convenience food, dairy, french fries, fruits, pizza, poultry, seafood and vegetables to state a few.

PT Associates specialises in providing innovative solutions and design for the food industry.

Our Philosophy

We work in conjunction with our customers, both locally and globally, to design and implement world class design and technology food solutions where our focus is:

  • Evaluate Requirements Fully

  • Reduced Waste

  • Hygiene by Design

  • Flexibility

  • Reliability & Uptime

  • Installation & Training Services

Our Commitment

We are committed to:

  • Total customer satisfaction

  • Value for money solutions

  • User training

  • Confidentiality in work