Tibia Service Agreement

The Tibia Index (TI) is an injury criterion for the lower leg. These are the bending moments of the x and y axes as well as the axial pressure force in the z direction at the upper or lower end of the tibia. When a “single moment sensor” is used, the absolute value of the calculation applies. If there are two directions, the resulting moment should be calculated and used. The axial pressure force Fz in the z-direction may be measured in the upper or lower tibia in accordance with Annexes 4, 5.2. Here`s what the character auction news said about changing the tibia rules: “An account contains personal information about its holder, for example.B. Payment information and registration data, and is a key part of the relationship between a person (the account holder) and CipSoft. As such, an account is not transferable and we do not tolerate trading or selling accounts. .