Shed Tenancy Agreement

I just bought my first individual family rent and a nice large wooden cabin was included in the backyard. The farm is quite small, so the shed occupies a good part of the yard. Currently, I also rent and I have a very limited storage space. I want to use the shed for my personal storage for equipment and accessories. The downside is that this rent has no additional garage or storage that a tenant could use. I`d pass on the shed in person. You should resign every time you want access to the shed, which would cause headaches for both you and the tenant. Even without a garage, I`d leave the shed to them. Hey, Nathan! It is easy to keep the discount only for personal use, only to make sure that the rental contract stipulates that tenants cannot use the discount. If the property has no additional memory, this could discourage some tenants, but certainly not all! “NOTE: Warehouses are used by the landlord and not for tenants.” Three-car garage, which is part of a property we do not rent. I`m not in trouble. The neighbour`s child even thinks that we only store unnecessary waste. I encouraged him by roundabout means, continue to promote his beliefs in the neighborhood.

Thank you for the Council to all. I`m inclined to let it rent by the tenant. It`s your choice, but you can get some friction from the tenant regarding access to the backyard whenever you want. It could get a little chaotic Does anyone have experience with shared space like this? Good idea or bad? Thank you! I have a 2 garage on my building and it is not available at all to tenants. Insert this into your advertisement and in the written rental contract.