Salary Agreement In Arabic

The contracts Arabia offers; Legal agreements and contracts, faster and easier access to the actual agreements used in transactions for all sectors. Our agreement database provides competitive knowledge and reference conditions for businessmen or lawyers negotiating a deal or agreement covering different types of transactions, such as employment contracts, technology licensing agreements, financing agreements and much more . . . . Most of us sign an employment contract when we join an employer in Saudi Arabia, written either in Arabic, English or both languages. What is his legal status? Is there a particular format to follow? We have indicated a format of a Saudi employment contract, both in Arabic and in English. You can download the format and compare it with your employer`s contract. The employer employs workers at the quality of [INSERT TITLE] the schedule A tasks and all other tasks that the employer requires from time to time under the following conditions. The employee is based at [INSERT CITY WHERE EMPLOYEE WILL BE BASED]. If the employer uses a foreign language with Arabic in an employment contract, the Arabic version is a priority. Contract in English: Similarly, an employment contract, if written and signed only in English, applies to both parties.

[INSERT NAME OF COMPANY/EMPLOYER], a company duly incorporated and registered in accordance with the laws of [INSERT JURISDICITON] (hereafter referred to as “employer”); Bilingual contracts: if an employment contract is written in both Arabic and English and there is a conflict between the two languages, the Arabic language contract will be a priority. Note that the Arabic version of the contract is a priority even if you have signed under the English version. This contract begins at [INSERT DATE] and applies for an indeterminate period, subject to the agreement of the Ministry of Labour (if applicable) and/or another government agency, as required. Contract in Arabic: If an employment contract is written and signed only in Arabic, it is fully applicable to the court, even if an expatriate does not understand it. Summary: This is a standard employment contract with confidentiality and non-competition. This employment contract (the “contract”) is concluded on [INSERT DATE], between [INSERT NAME OF EMPLOYEE], [INSERT NATIONALITY] national, with passport No. [INSERT], whose address [INSERT ADDRESS] is (hereafter referred to as “worker”) It is one of the rights of Saudi workers to apply for an employment contract. Article 9 of the Saudi Labour Act states that Arabic is the official language for registrations, records, employment contracts and all other documents provided for by that law. يوفر كونتركس أرابيا, الاتفاقيات والعقود القانونية, الوصول السريع والسهل إلى الاتفاقات الفعلية المستخدمة في المعاملات التي تغطي جميع الصناعات.

لدينا قاعدة بيانات للاتفاقيات يوفر المعلومات الاستخباراتية لمساعدة رجال الأعمال أو المحامين للتفاوض على اتفاق أو صياغة اتفاق يغطي مختلف أنواع المعاملات مثل اتفاقات العمل واتفاقات ترخيص التكنولوجيا ، واتفاقات التمويل وغيرها الكثير.