Rialto Concession Agreement

Visit www.rialtowater.com to check your bill or pay online. To this end, the concession agreement provides rents to the city to support economic development and local jobs. Projects threatened by the loss of renovation funds – a Wal-Mart supercentre and a multi-million euro mixed-use development at the current Rialto airport site – are moving forward. The public-private concession contracts teams Ullico Inc., Table Rock Capital and Veolia Water West Operating Services with the city, using private capital and know-how with a strong local knowledge base and a detailed schedule for defining and replacing water and sewer lines, developing the necessary new infrastructure and improving cost-effectiveness. Rialto Water Services provides water and sanitation services to 100,000 people in the Interior Empire. In 2012, the City of Rialto agreed to a 30-year concession contract to accelerate the implementation of capital improvement projects, transfer water system management to a company with a long and successful history of operating utilities and municipal systems, and implement efficiency improvements without putting the city at financial risk. This progressive and innovative public-private partnership enables Rialto Water Services, along with its partners, to secure more than $41 million in capital improvements over five years. “The good thing is that this concession agreement has a commitment to address the issues that need to be addressed, and we have the supervision and rationalization to do that,” Fox said. “We don`t start with new people either. We have institutional knowledge and we are all on the same side.

It`s all about public health. We can`t be late. For information about the water rebate programs offered to Rialto Water Services customers or by connecting to the city`s pipeline or water systems, please email conservation@rialtoca.gov. The City of Rialto and Rialto Water Services (RWS) are using a public-private concession model – a model that is rare in the United States – to strengthen the city`s financial position and improve infrastructure services.