Mustang Village Lease Agreement

All of our residents are important and we are sincerely sorry that you had a problem. We`d love to make an appointment to discuss what we can do for you! Please contact our office at 805.783.2500. There is a $30 cap that is built into each resident`s lease. Everything on the combined $30 per person is distributed equally among all tenants for that particular apartment. Follow our accounts for updates and giveaways! Instagram: @mustang_villageTwitter: @mustang_villageFacebook: Mustang VillageSnapchat: mustangvillage In our drive to create a more pleasant living environment for the student tenant, we now require all residents to have active rental insurance or rental liability policy during their rental term. The requirement for basic liability coverage has become a common practice in housing life to ensure safety and protection from the unforeseen events that sometimes occur. Our liability insurance is necessary to protect the resident from liability risks incurred while your student is not at home, including, but not limited to, negligent damage to the living unit, negligent damage to another resident`s property, or even injuries to guests during the tour. Or if you opt for more robust tenant insurance, you may be able to protect items such as textbooks, phones, electronics, and other valuables in case of theft or destruction. As long as your chosen policy meets the minimum coverage set out in your rental agreement, you can choose a provider that you think is most appropriate for you. If you don`t feel like looking for insurance, we offer an easy way to sign up for minimum liability coverage as part of your rental payment.

If you know you want extra coverage for your business, but don`t want to buy, we`ve identified a national insurer that specializes in student tenant insurance coverage. EPremium Insurance has agreed to offer the inhabitants of our municipalities a complete policy at a preferential group rate! You can log in in less than 2 minutes on your website: ePremium Insurance. If you are still curious, please contact our friendly staff and we will gladly help you! There is no shared bathroom here! Your lease includes a private bedroom, a bathroom and a closet. You only share a living room, a kitchen and a laundry room with one or two roommates, depending on your plan! I live in a townhouse with two bedrooms. What I don`t like the most is living with a roommate and parking is a little. It`s good that I live next to cal poly and Club 24. I wish mustang had assigned parking because it is really if you have to park away from your apartment because the spaces are taken next to yours. Otherwise, I like it. Not too expensive For individual rentals, you are only responsible for your rent (or your student). You are not responsible for the rent of your roommates! Unlike a traditional lease or a joint lease, the fact that your roommate transfers, cuts, or doesn`t pay their rent doesn`t affect you or your lease.