Massachusetts Automobile Purchase And Sale Agreement

Massachusetts law prohibits merchants and private party vendors from turning around or re-entering the odometer or mileage indicated on a car offered for sale. In Massachusetts, you must have state permission to carry a firearm, but there is no official registration. Unofficially, firearms must be registered with the Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security (EOPSS) and information relating to the sale of firearms can be submitted electronically online. When depositing your gun sale, make sure you meet the following criteria: Don`t let sellers pressure you to spend more money on a car without considering future repairs. Leave room in the purchase price for the cost of likely repairs. Car prices are negotiable. Buy to get a good price. A sales contract is a document drawn up by a buyer and seller to document the sale of a motor vehicle. To obtain a title for a used vehicle purchased by a non-dealer, the following requirements are required: Sale of vehicles/vessels – This versatile form can be used to purchase and prove a change of ownership of a motor vehicle or a ship/boat sold and purchased. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts does not require a contract of sale form for vehicle transactions when a security is available. However, if the vehicle transaction concerns a car exempted from the name, a sales contract (accompanied by pre-registration) must be presented to allow the new owner to register the vehicle.

Even if your sales transaction doesn`t require a sales contract, you should consider entering into one. A sales contract offers protection to the seller by providing support documents for the exemption from liability and to the buyer by serving as a receipt and proof of purchase. The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) does not specifically require a contract for the sale of vehicles unless you register a vehicle exempt from the title requirement. In this case, a sales contract and prior registration are required to register the vehicle. However, a contract of sale is required to sell, buy or register a vessel. .