Epfl Research Agreement

The aim of our foundation is to promote medical-biological science by providing financial support for research projects in Swiss universities in the field of medicine and medical-oriented biology/biochemistry. Innosuisse supports your innovation: we support science-based innovation projects, implemented by companies – especially SMEs – in collaboration with public sector research partners. As part of the Swiss Open Access strategy, swissuniversities has negotiated a transformative agreement on Switzerland with the publishing house Springer Nature. The Swiss agreement was signed by swissuniversities member institutions and other clients of the Swiss Academic Library Consortium for 3 years (2020-2022). Some alternatives to access the publications essential to your research if EPFL does not have an up-to-date subscription. The EPFL Research Contracts and Technology Transfer Directive (LEX 3.4.1) sets out the rules and responsibilities for research agreements. Please contact TTO as soon as possible to prepare the corresponding agreement or if you have a specific question about cooperation agreements. The Leenaards Foundation supports individuals and institutions in the fields of culture, aging and biomedical science in the Lake Geneva region. The annual Leenaards Prize for Translational Medical Research is awarded to cooperative projects that study a clinical problem and link it to an element of advanced basic research. Your first step towards scientific independence! The aim of the SNF Ambizione scholarships is to improve the scientific profile of researchers and help them become scientifically independent in carrying out their own research projects. For the authors, a workflow has been set up by the publisher: as soon as the publication has been accepted, the author concerned is informed that this can be published in Open Access as part of the reading and publication agreement. The author concerned must indicate his affiliation and funding of the research and is asked to choose a Creative Commons license for the dissemination of the article (CC-BY and CC-BY-NC).

The EPFL library verifies the author`s merits. Do you see any marketing potential for your research? Follow this link EMBO Young Investigations: Helping some of the best young life scientists when they start their independent labs. We work with EPFL researchers to transform their technologies into business opportunities that can benefit society, including by identifying and conceding EPFL intellectual property, managing cooperation with industry and accelerating the commercialization of technologies at dawn. Different types of agreements are available to develop cooperation with industry. BRIDGE Discovery is aimed at experienced researchers in internal and applied research to realize the innovation potential of research results.