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For more advice and assistance, please contact Consumer Protection on 1300 304 054 or email Rent deferral: Landlords may be prepared to defer payments to a specified date or period. While the deferral removes the immediate pressure to pay the rent, it means that a tenant must repay the amount due when the deferral period expires. Make sure the rental agreement will show how the tenant will pay back the rent owed to the landlord. It is important that the landlord cannot ask the tenant to pay interest on the rent owed. The Residential Tenancies Mandatory Conciliation Service was set up by the VA government to help landlords and tenants reach an agreement on COVID-19 tenancy disputes without going to court. If your landlord has asked the court to terminate the lease, you must attend the trial to explain your circumstances. If you need a tenant lawyer, Tenancy WA can help you find your local service provider. If you are experiencing financial difficulties due to COVID-19, contact your landlord to negotiate a lease. You can ask the landlord to reduce the rent, but you don`t need to agree. Yes, utility costs and all other relevant expenses may be included in the lease, provided all parties agree. If the tenant has not paid their rent under the contract and they are not in financial difficulty because of COVID-19, you can send them a remediation notice.

Yes, yes. Options for homeowners who wish to sell their rental property information sheet address frequent questions about the sale of your property during the COVID-19 emergency period. You don`t have to terminate the contract. If you stay in the rent, you should negotiate a lease with the landlord. The Mandatory Conciliation Service for Residential Rents can help. Affected landlords and tenants are invited to negotiate an agreement on when the rent is paid to obtain the lease during the emergency period. However, if there is no agreement, landlords and tenants must participate in a mandatory conciliation meeting, facilitated by consumer protection. This conciliation procedure aims to reduce the pressure on the Magistrate and the Landesverwaltungsgericht. You and your landlord can consult consumer protection policies for rent repayment contracts and the presentation of optional rent repayment contracts for information on negotiating a rent repayment contract. If the tenant has accepted the extract at some point and this agreement has been made to a binding order of the commissioner, the tenant has yet to leave. If the tenant has not evacuated the premises as agreed, you can file an application with the Magistrate`s Court (or SAT, if it is a residential parking dispute). RtBA maintains all Victorian leases in confidence; These include rented housing, long-term caravans, rooming houses and caravans under implementation agreements.

When a tenancy agreement expires, landlords/owners and tenants/residents have the same control over the repayment of the loan. The RTBA releases the money as agreed. You cannot increase the rent during the emergency period with an existing tenant. The same is true when the tenant`s fixed-term contract expires and you enter into either another fixed-term contract or a periodic contract with the same tenant. A tenant is responsible for all rents to be paid under a tenancy agreement, unless the tenant and landlord agree otherwise. Landlords are encouraged to consider whether they can help tenants if they can afford it, either by reducing rent for a period of time or by forgoing some of the rent arrears.