Applecare Agreements

To update your purchase date, send your purchase note to Apple Read the sales, purchase, refund and refund policies for various Apple distribution channels. Apple offers different options when products need a service, including carry-on baggage, email and do-it-yourself parts service. Availability depends on the product and the country or region where the service is requested. AppleCare provides additional hardware service and technical assistance from Apple, including coverage for up to two accidental damage incidents every 12 months per device covered. Participation in Apple`s training and certification programs depends on compliance with program conditions that are or were in effect at the time of the certification exam or training. For customers whose products in their country, region or state of purchase fall under consumer protection legislation or regulations, the service coverage described in the system may not reflect all the rights and remedies conferred by these consumer protection laws and regulations. This may include the right of customers in California and other laws to extend the warranty period for the number of full days that the product was for warranty repairs outside the customer`s hands. In order to calculate the number of days that the warranty period is extended, Apple may require customers to submit the original sales document for your product and repair service documentation. Please also note that the information in the system does not reflect other additional programs that may expand Apple`s coverage, such as those described on the Repair Extension and Extension Programs page.

If you would like to update the information contained in our statements regarding your purchase or agreement, we will be happy to help. Understanding the limitations of Apple`s service coverage system (“System”) can help avoid problems. The information in the system is intended to help customers determine whether the service of their products complies with the terms of Apple`s limited warranty or an extended Apple service contract such as AppleCare Protection Plan and AppleCare. Please put in place proof of the sale of your product and, if necessary, the AppleCare Proof of Coverage document in a safe place.