Acuerdo Social Corporate Agreement

1. Calidades de los socios: en este apartado se agregan las calidades de cada uno de los accionistas que formarén parte del acuerdo. Normalmente se agrega el nombre completo, el némero de cédula de identidad y la nacionalidad. Lo anterior es lo crético, sin embargo, en cada pa es se valorarén otros detalles como el estado civil o el lugar de residencia. As many analysts have pointed out, the peace agreement reached exactly one year ago is a historic opportunity to build a better society. But while it needs to be articulated in the political arena, a cultural change is just as important. This agreement must above all be a mutual understanding between citizens (and especially those who live in cities that have not experienced the most brutal aspects of war in their bodies). Paradoxically, it was the Florestanos who voted by a large majority in favour of ratifying the agreement. In September 2016, marjetica Potré held a residence in Honda, a Colombian town founded during the colonial period as a river port and which currently survives in a situation of economic insecurity and social tensions.

The political context of their visit was equally difficult: it was a few days of referendum on the agreements reached in Havana between the Colombian government and the FARC guerrillas, and the country was filled with extreme polarization between the ratification agreements or non-agreements reached on the negotiating table. In the end, and for various reasons (such as a relative overcondensation of the government, an erosion of media coverage of the process, misinformation, a targeted propaganda campaign aimed at provoking the indignation and fatalism of a majority disappointed by the political class), the “no” prevailed with a short lead. A country that reached a peace agreement after half a century of armed conflict inexplicably rejected the agreement. The exhibition, entitled Acuerdo Social, consists of two series of drawings and two wooden constructions. The diptych, whose exhibition has its name, consists of two parts, reinforced on the size of the murals. In the lower part, the drawing el acuerdo: de campesinos a soldados [The accord, peasant as a soldier], represents the past and shows a body that spent half a century in the jungle, protected by the roof of a maloca that represents for the cosmogonies of many peoples the vault of the world that preserves the knowledge of ancestors. The upper part, De soldados a guardabosques (From soldier to runner of the woods), represents the future: a former member of the guerrilla who carries a basket in his head and symbolizes a future cohabitation, a place to which we will all adapt. “Se necesita tener una figura mercantil (Sociedad Anénima) para hacer el acuerdo de socios? No, no es necesario only an abogado lo haga. Todos hemos escuchado historias como las de futbolistas famosos cuyos contratos o fichajes fueron firmados sobre una servilleta.